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Welcome to your new life!

Leveraging the culture with a positive encouraging message of hope; while providing an alternative solution to those who struggle with addiction and emotional traumas.


The services offered by Turning Tides are second to none. Our approach is based on a natural solution approach which considers the nutritional, environmental, and lifestyle factors of the individual. We believe it is within the realm of these areas that together we will often find the root cause of many addictive and behavioral symptoms.

The ultimate goal of Turning Tides is to help support you in your recovery. We want to do it in a way that provides a long-lasting lifestyle change. One that will actually be different and better for you. What we desire to introduce you to is a catalyst for positive change in all areas of your life. One that’s going to support the individual YOU! Spirit, Soul, and Body!

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Stoked Clients

I attended Debbie’s six month group program at the Dream Center Clinic. I lost from 254 lbs to 135 lbs in over a period of one year by following the program and drinking alkalized water that Debbie shared with me. I feel better, stronger, and more alert! ~ Diane N. Charleston.


Biobrain Institute


God Whispers

Recovery Hacks

Berries ~ Natures Superfoods

BERRIES ~ I remember as a kid one of our neighbors had bushes of berries growing in their yard. We used to love to go pick and eat those fresh delicious super-foods right from the stem. There’s nothing as good as fresh foods picked straight from nature. I could say so...

Sunshine Vitamin – Vitamin D

Did you know vitamin D is actually not a vitamin, but a hormone?  Yep! That’s right! Vitamin D is not a vitamin or a nutrient, it is a hormone produced by the body in the skin from a photolytic reaction with ultraviolet light.  Many people who chose not to go in the...

Healing Waters!

Water – The most important nutrient in the human body It just wouldn’t seem right to me if I didn’t write one of my first blog posts on the incredible benefits of water. Water is the most abundant chemical compound (H2O) on planet earth, so there is no wonder that it...

Earthing at the Beach – Nature Nurtures!

If you haven’t gathered by now I love the beach. Some may think I’m a little obsessed with it. But really all it is, is this is my spot. It is where I feel closest to my creator. I feel free! I feel rejuvenated! I feel the calmness in my soul and healing in my body...

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