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Elimination Diet | Turning Tides

21-Day Elimination Diet Program

The Elimination Diet (ED) is a comprehensive Gold Standard approach to food sensitivities. This program will allow participates to identify potential food sensitivities that have been found as the root cause to many symptoms.

As a practitioner, it is our go-to solution to help a client resolve these underlying struggles with the symptoms they are experiencing and to be able to experiencing a more successful outcome to any protocol they are adhering to.

I decided to create this program because many people struggle with going through the program alone. We will utilize a secret FB page to help support and encourage each other through the process.

Registration Dates:

Program Dates: November 1st—21st
Deadline to register: October 25th
Register TODAY: 25% discount (Oct 9th midnight) ($112.50)
Register Oct 9th-20th: midnight 10% discount ($135.00)

Complete package to include:

  • ED Comprehensive Guide
  • ED Weekly Planner & Recipes
  • ED Food Plan
  • List of Phytonutrient Foods
  • Food Reintroduction—Symptom Tracker
  • Yes & No Food List


  • Secret FB page to provide support for each other & Debbie to provide emotional support and answer questions.
  • Weekly Video Conferencing: 5 total (first Oct 27th/Friday)
  • Lifetime Membership to my supplement dispensary: 20% off retail for entire household


COST for Services: $150 + food cost