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Scholarship Programs | Turning Tides

Scholarship Requirements ~ Scholarship for Recovery

Turning Tides is developing a Scholarship for Recovery Program for those who may otherwise be unable to utilize services and/or products offered through Turning Tides nutrition and lifestyle programs due to financial strain. The money collected for the scholarship fund is to go toward any third party fees associated with any of our programs. We have listed below what services and/or products will be covered under the scholarship program.  

The goal of Turning Tides is to launch this program by Fall 2017. The Scholarships will be provided to a limited number of individuals every month.  See below for further details.

  • Services and/or products offered may include lab work, supplements, and/or other third party fees that may be deemed necessary by the clinician to achieve the best outcome and benefit the clients need for recovery.
  • The client will have to meet ALL of the qualifications listed below.
  • Scholarships will be offered to a limited amount of clients for a specific amount of time. For example: 2 clients a month for a 3 month period.
  • The clinician’s charges for services will be provided in these cases as a pro-bono donation for at least 2 participants in the program. This is so that we can leverage more of the funds to be able to help these individuals. Should there are more than two participants in any given month the clinician may charge a reduced fee in order to be able to work with more than 2 clients due to cost-effective purposes.  
  • Each scholarship recipient will have to agree to give back in some capacity to their communities. This may be in the capacity of volunteer work at a local shelter or other various community service opportunities.   

Documents required too apply for scholarship opportunity:

  • Copy of previous year Federal tax return with copies of W-2 forms
  • 3 months pay stubs
  • Statement of monthly income that is received from SSI, unemployment, other agencies.  
  • Monthly debt.
  • An evaluation of the client’s income and debt to income ratio (DTI) will determine their eligibility for a scholarship.
  • In addition, the limited time frame in which the scholarship funds may be used is to encourage commitment to the individual’s wellness program on their part.
  • If at anytime your gross income changes, you need to notify our office of that change. You discount may or may not be adjusted.
  • Your application is valid for 3 months and must be reviewed if the clinician finds it necessary to further your wellness protocol beyond a three month period.  
  • Missing or not showing up for scheduled appointments without prior notification to our office may warrant the recipient to lose their scholarship funds. The scholarship is a privilege not an obligation.
  • Singed agreement to follow their individual wellness plan from beginning to end in its entirety.
  • The estimated cost per individual client may vary, however a rough estimate to include labs and/or other products deemed necessary can average around $2000.00 to $2500.00 on the high end. *This estimate may be less or more than stated. Turning Tides and its client will determine what may be needed for that individual’s client’s personal circumstance.
  • *Eligibility is determined based on a combined household income & DTI.
  • All funds are kept in a non-interest baring escrow account to be disrupted to third party accounts upon ordering of laboratory kits, supplements and/or other products necessary to support the client’s individual wellness protocol.
  • If no money is collected or is being held in the escrow account that can pay out the services/products needed for at least one candidate Turning Tides will not be able to approve a candidates eligibility and at any such time all candidate will have to be placed on a waiting list.

To apply:
Submit the documents listed above and complete the following application.

Print Name: ___________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________ State:_______________ Zip: _________

Best phone number to reach you at: _________________________________________________

Family Members: _______________________________________________________________

Gross Income (before taxes are taken out): ___________________________________________

I certify the information in this application and/or the required documents to be true and accurate account of my financial status, at this time: ______________________ (Today’s Date)

  • Number of people in home? Adults_____ Children_____ Over 65_____ Disabled_____
  • Are you claimed as a dependant of someone?  Yes_____ No _____ If yes, what is their income?______________

Income Monthly       Proof of Income

Attach below documents with this form

                                                                                    Check in box below to assure you have  

                                                                                            included all required documents

Salary/Wages $__________

Unemployment $__________     Tax Return _____

Social Security $__________     Pay Stubs   _____

Alimony $__________     Social Security _____

                                                                                                     (Awards letter)    

SSI $__________     Unemployment _____

Child Support        $__________      Military Pay/Ret _____


AFDC $__________ Other _____

(Aid to Families with Dependent Children)

Retirement $__________

Disability $__________

Total Monthly                           Household income $__________

By singing below as a client of Turning Tides under the Scholarship for Recovery Program I am agreeing to all of the terms listed above.

Clients Signature: ________________________________________ Date: _________________

***Turning Tides reserves the right to discontinue the scholarship program at anytime. Should this ever happen the money set aside for this fund will be used for other outreach programs to help support those less fortunate. Turning Tides, may earn a small commission from any of the third party sources that may be used for anyone eligible for our scholarship programs.  

*** The funds for the Scholarship for Recovery Program at this time are only supported by Turning Tides. Turning Tides will be donating 10% of ALL net proceeds (to include services and/or products and any commission from third party affiliates) back into the scholarship fund throughout the year. Turning Tides will have one day annual event (Walk a Mile in My Flip Flops) where 100% of the net profits of any product that has walk a mile in my flip flops on it in some capacity will be donating to the scholarship fund. These funds are limited and no one will be accepted into the program unless the individual will be fully funded to support the needs of the individual client. Donations are accepted from outside sources. Please contact us if you wish to donate to the Scholarship for Recovery Program.

DISCLAIMER: The services and/or products offered through the Scholarship for Recovery Program is not intended to replace a physician’s care. None of our statements or any part of this program has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, therefore there is no intention here or otherwise ever to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.