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Meet Debbie | Turning Tides

Meet Debbie

I always like to talk to people as a real and relatable person. The entire education etcetera below is most definitely relevant in the sense of helping to support others, but I think what is more important is to allow people to see you in the raw, as a real person, one who truly understands the struggles of those who have experienced real life. So, first off, I am a mom of 3 and a grammie of 4. I’ve been married to my husband for 32+ years; we are a retired military family, therefore we get the struggles that go along with that life too. Although this may not be the place to share my entire life story, I can at least say that my life path has been very similar to those who I work with on a professional basis and often encounter on a personal bases, just living life. I’m a non-judgmental person who always takes a stance on the importance of cultivating a trust relationship, both personally and professionally. I believe treating all people the same, regardless of their race, religion, socioeconomic status, and/or life choices – I am not here to judge you!

I don’t base my performance and/or the way I do life, whether personal or professional on how much money I may get out of it. Money is not that important to me; I’ve lived with it and without it. I would rather have it than not have it. I know how it feels to feel stuck and not know how to figure out how to get unstuck is quite a nightmare way to live. I believe in multiple streams of income, one day I may be too old to support myself; therefore I totally get the fact that investing in ones future is a critical piece to living life. I’ve had an alcohol problem and drug problem; I’ve seen first hand how it can affect the individual person, the entire family and the outside-social system of a person’s life. I’ve been a by-stander and painstakingly watched alcohol destroy lives and families. You may say, well, that’s alcohol. Ok, fair enough, I’ve also watched people stick needles in their arms and look me in the face and not know who I was or who they are within a matter of seconds. I’ve experienced and witnessed people struggle with mental and/or emotional health. I’ve seen the devastating side affects of what pharmaceutical drugs can do to a persons mind and body.

So you may be asking why the combination of a surf product line and a healthier way to live. Beach people in general are more down to earth. We believe God has already provided to us everything we need to live a full and happy life right here on this earth. We have a no non-sense, stress, and worry free way of life and believe the right attitude is the key to being at peace. The ocean is a place to connect our soul to the creator – Hence SOUL LIFE™. The surf product came into play around 13 years ago, 2003 time frame, when our kids showed a desire in producing one. And around 2005 after a very significant life changing event occurred in our family I knew my life purpose was going to look a lot different from that day forward. Not knowing at the time that the idea of a surf product would be the catalyst behind this event. Therefore, we are taking our love of surf/beach and by utilizing those things that make us happy to reach those who are hurting.

If you found Turing Tides because of our mutual connection and love of the ocean – Welcome! However, if you or a loved one also has life struggles we hope to perhaps shed some light on a different and more natural way for you to calm the soul, heal the body and rejuvenate the spirit – from addictions and neurobiological disorders. However, if you found Turning Tides, due to those struggles listed above, it is our hope to share a more natural way of supporting and restoring health to your life and it is our desire to share with you our love of the ocean. It truly can be a sanctuary, an escape from life at times, but not an escape in a way to ignore the issues at hand, but a part of one that can truly bring healing and health to the spirit, soul and body as a whole.