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5 Day Workshop Event | Turning Tides

Live 5 Day

September 14th – 18th

Live 5 Day
Interactive Workshop

September 14th – 18th

About the Event

This 5-day live, interactive workshop is offered to you at no cost. The videos for each day will be available for a short time for your viewing if you are unable to make the scheduled live events.

A Functional Medicine (FM) approach has been around for several decades, however there are still many people who may not understand how a FM approach works in supporting their health care needs. If you have ever been curious what it would be like to work with a FM practitioner now would be the best opportunity to explore a personalized medicine approach. Part of the event will be learning this approach and the other part will be the personalized experience. Here, each person will go through a series of health-related quizzes every day to evaluate their own health status. Towards the end of the five days there will be a special offer for our all-inclusive 2-month program for you to join to begin your true healing journey. 

Join me for this live 5-Day Interactive Workshop, now!!!

September 14-18th, 2020, 8:00PM EST

5 Days to Vibrant Health Through Functional Medicine with Dr. Hutch ~ Plus 2 bonus days!



Finding the root cause of why you have a health problem in the first place may be the most important piece of the health puzzle.

What if we could show you how to live your best life right now, would you do it?

What if after all the struggles with weight, chronic pain, fatigue, sleep problems, depression, anxiety, GI problems and much more are finally able to be resolved, would it be worth your time? Your investment? Your effort?

A FM approach is one that considers the underlying root cause(s) of why the body/brain is not functioning optimally. This rare 5-day free interactive live webinar may be the best opportunity to experience this approach firsthand.


What you will experience:

  • 5 days of live one-hour long trainings with Dr. Hutch, a functional medicine nutritionist.
  • Each day we will go through a series of a functional medicine approaches so you can experience part of how a FM practitioner considers each person’s unique health concerns.
  • Lab day is going to be a huge eye-opener as we delve into a person’s unique biochemical pathways. I once had a client say, “Out of the 3 doctors (conventional and FM) no one has ever explained my labs to me in such a way and with so much detail”.
  • Quizzes will consist of how healthy you eat, the condition of your GI health, brain health and overall health status
  • Fun facts and health polls to encourage engagement & the best learning experience.
  • Deeply discounted 2-month program for anyone who attends this live-free-five-day event.

What to Expect

  1. A printable & fillable workbook is provided for you to complete each day
  2. A firsthand experience of what it is like to work with a functional medicine practitioner
  3. An opportunity to connect the dots between a Functional Medicine approach and your own health concerns
  4. An opportunity to self-evaluate your health concerns by completing several quizzes and homework questions every day connecting your symptoms to potential root causes. 
  5. We will dive into conventional and functional labs through a functional medicine lens
  6. An opportunity to join Dr. Hutch’s exclusive and private patient FB Group if you decide to join her on the 2-month journey to wellness.  ~ Or any of our programs or services
  7. An exclusive invite to a private FB page where this free five-day event will occur. 
  8. An entire 7 days of amazing learning from a Functional Medicine trained Doctor of Clinical Nutrition
  9. The ability to interact and participate in polls regarding heath with others who may be struggling with the same problems. 
  10. Access to 2 extra bonus days: Self-care/lifestyle techniques for better sleep, release of anxiety and stress, and Dr. Hutch will share 3 real live case studies of past clients. One of these is a published weight loss study. 
  11. What you will learn through this webinar is just the tip of the ice burg, but the information can be life changing. 
  12. All live sessions will be recorded and be available through September 21st, 2020.  
  13. To get the absolute best experience it is highly suggested you participate in all live events, homework post questions as well as the homework quizzes regarding your own health.

Be Present! Be Ready! Be Healthy!

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Tired of attempting to find answers only to hit another roadblock
  • I need someone to listen
  • I have tried everything
  • I have seen multiple health practitioners
  • My labs are normal, but I still feel bad
  • I cannot lose weight
  • I realize fad diets do not work – But now what?
  • I eat healthy & exercise, but nothing is working
  • Sleep, exercise, movement, weight, and relaxation is all a problem for me
  • I am bloated regardless of what I eat
  • Pain, lethargy, lack of motivation, headaches, brain fog, irritability, ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc….
  • Seriously, the list could go on and on…….

Register today to begin a new journey to feeling well again….. 

  • Find out if you are experiencing an unbalance in gut bacteria
  • Take a brain health and nutrition assessment 
  • Take a Medical Symptoms questionnaire 
  • Experience how a FM practitioner considers lab ranges
  • Learn about using functional labs and genetic testing to uncover root causes
  • Day 6 bonus day: Lifestyle Techniques to help with relaxation, and deal with stress, anxiety, depression and sleep. 
  • Day 7 walk through 3 separate clients experiences from the beginning to the end


Here are the topics we will cover each day:

  1. Introduction to Functional Medicine/Nutrition
  2. Nutrition: The Foundation to Optimal Health
  3. GI System: The Universe of the Immune System
  4. Healthy Brain = Healthy, Happy Life
  5. Functional Metabolic & Conventional Lab Review

Stoked Clients

About Turning Tides and Debbie Hutchinson. I participated in one of Debbie’s programs and found it to be very helpful to me. I learned a lot about how nutrition can help to support our mental and physical health. It is not easy to embrace a lifestyle of healthy food choices and healthy living, but Debbie can help you accomplish your goals. She practices what she teaches. Debbie is a beautiful person inside and outside and is an excellent advertisement for the results that can be obtained incorporating healthy choices with diligence. She is one of the most non-judgmental people I’ve ever met. She recognized how hard it was for me to change my habits I’ve had for a lifetime and patiently, but persistently helped me even though I was being very resistant to healthy food. Debbie is a very intelligent woman who researches new information constantly. She is constantly expanding her knowledge to be able to help others more. She is a very empathetic person who encouraged me to inspire change in my life.

Peggy Singh S. C.

Debbie was pivotal in my overall outcome. She guided me every step of the way… My energy level has increased tremendously. I loss inches and weight that make me look younger. People are surprised when I say I am 85 years young. My skin tone is radiant and hair texture is much better than before. I have a waistline that is noticeable. Honestly, I feel better now than I have felt in years before learning the principles of eating healthy foods and taking supplements that produce nutritional benefits to the body. I wish that some of my peers would invest in this type of program for a better and healthier lifestyle.


I attended Debbie’s six-month program at the Dream Center Clinic in North Charleston. I lost from 254 lbs to 134 lbs, by following the program and drinking alkalized water that Debbie shared with me. ***as of May 11, 2013.

Diane, N. Charleston

Countdown to the Event








About me:

Dr. Debbie Hutchinson, aka., Dr. Hutch is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist and Lifestyle Practitioner. She obtained her training at the prestigious and highly accredited University of Bridgeport for her master’s in human nutrition, where she graduated cum laude and from regionally accredited Maryland University of Integrative Health for her Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition, a hybrid program. Her residency was completed with Dr. Chris Davis, a triple board-certified interventional cardiologist who also practices functional medicine. 

About Debbie Hutchinson, DCN M.S., CHHC

Clinical Expertise: 

Mental and emotional health, neurologic disorders, thyroid & adrenal health, metabolic syndrome, digestive disorders & gastrointestinal health, longevity, blood-sugar metabolism disorders, diabetes, food sensitivities, skin disorders, autoimmune conditions, whole-system detoxification, wellness optimization, personalized medicine, preventative care, Leaky gut, brain, lungs, and personalized nutrition, etc, integration of faith and science.  


Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition (DCN)

Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist – candidate 2020

Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach – 2011

Training Institutions:

Maryland University of Integrative Health, University of Bridgeport, Regent University, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, HeartMath, Apex Energetic Seminar Series, Cogence Immunology course, Institute for Functional Medicine 3 X 4 Genetics, and the Kharrazian Institute. 

My Position and Involvement: 

Co-owner of Turning Tides, a veteran owned practice. The founder of Astounding Victory Over Intoxicating Drugs, a not-for profit organization. I created my own online tele-wellness® platform where I have been serving many clients through a functional medicine/nutrition approach since 2011.  

What I am most excited to offer my clients:

My desire to help you be well!!! My life and clinical experiences over the past 9+ years. 

Ask me about:

A life of Hope! Health! and Happiness!

My personal passions: 

Being with my family, anything to do with water, especially the ocean, biking, and spending time meditating and prayer with the Lord of host, Yahweh! I love working one on one with clients as well as in group settings. I love being able to work with people to see and experience a more profound way to heal their spirit, soul and body. 


The time is now…….

No more procrastination. Now is the time to care for yourself. If you do not do something today, when will you? You deserve to be the best you possible and to feel at your best right now…. TODAY! 

It is highly recommended to participate in the live events every day. However, if you can’t, all of the recordings will be available until the day after the last day, so in this case September 21st. This will be after the 2 bonus days. It is also highly recommended you participate in all of the polls throughout (the polls will only be available during the live sessions), each day’s homework post question and all of the homework quizzes. The score codes will be provided for each quiz the day after. For example, the first quiz homework assignment will be due September 15th (Tuesday) and at the end of the session for Tuesday Dr. Hutch will go over the quiz scores. Anyone who participates in all the homework assignments will be entered into a drawing to win a trio of essential oils at the end of the event. 

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