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Begin the Journey to a Happy & Healthy Life

We help you to identify the true, underlying causes of addiction, neurobiological disorders and other health struggles, and create a bio-individual customized approach to find natural solutions that help you obtain the results you’re looking for. Begin your journey to a happy and healthy life today!

Individualized Nutrition & Lifestyle Solutions

Our comprehensive nutrition & lifestyle approach can help you reduce and/or eliminate stress, sleep disturbances, pain, brain fog, weight, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and emotional, addictive behaviors and much more. Take action and call today to set up your FREE 20 minute consultation.

Identifying the Root Cause

Specialized metabolic lab testing is just one tool in the functional nutritionist tool kit. The results provide a snap shot of insufficiencies occurring in metabolic pathways, potentially causing blockages of important coenzymes and cofactors. Hence, one of the underlying root cause(s)!

Gut-Brain Connection Support

A functional medicine approach is one that considers several methods in resolving key issues with gut health. Science is now catching up with the many diseases and disorders associated with an impaired digestive system. We take a whole-istic approach in supporting gut health.

Find Inner Peace & Greater Flexibility

We are spirit, have a soul and live in a body. We are uniquely made, and by utilizing a bio-individual approach, a plan of action can be developed that supports the specific needs of the individual. Meditation and exercise is part of maintaining optimal health, therefore seeking a spiritual life and being physically fit is part of what supports optimal balance to all three.

Natures Solution to a Well Balanced Life

Social community is a natural part of being mentally and physically whole. Isolation is often found with compromised health. We were created to be social; therefore, isolation strategically operates against everything our soul yearns for. Creating a safe, informative and supportive community is a critical step in the right direction.

Calm the Soul

Heal the Body

Rejuvenate the Spirit

Welcome to your new life!

Leveraging the culture with a positive, encouraging message of hope, while providing an alternative solution to those who struggle with addiction and emotional traumas.
The services offered by Turning Tides are second to none. Our approach is based on natural solutions that consider the nutritional, environmental and lifestyle factors of the individual. We believe it is within the realm of these areas that together we will often find the root cause of addictive, behavioral and many other health related concerns.

What We Do

Identify & Solve

A functional medicine approach focuses on root cause resolution, instead of a symptom approach model. A focused plan of action will help you resolve your health and lifestyle concerns, and help facilitate a better chance of reversing illness, not just managing symptoms. 

Teach & Guide

We believe wisdom and guided direction is what it takes to facilitate change and we’ll always do our best to provide the most current tools, techniques, technologies and resources to assist you in gaining the know-how to guide your own path to health, hope and happiness.

Provide & Support

Join our health recovery community that features a private online, person-centered group of individuals who can work through their health and lifestyle struggles together. This includes the support and knowledge of a trained professional within functional nutrition, as well as health and lifestyle coaching as your facilitator.

Community Involvement

They say it takes a village to help in the support of those struggling with life challenges. Browse through all of our projects and see how you can get involved. We are humbly honored to give back to our community, our veterans and to all prospective clients across our nation.

Let Us Help You

Client Portal

Biobrain Institute

Dawn Patrol


Recovery Hacks

The client portal was designed with our clients in mind. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and the client portal provides an extra added protection. It is also a perk for being a client. You will be able to complete your comprehensive health and lifestyle form along with other pertinent forms and quizzes if deemed necessary in this secure environment.

Why Turning Tides?

All natural health solutions

Customized approaches

Facilitators of Change

Support, tools & resources

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Stoked Clients

I attended Debbie’s six month group program at the Dream Center Clinic. I lost from 254 lbs to 135 lbs in over a period of one year by following the program and drinking alkalized water that Debbie shared with me. I feel better, stronger, and more alert! ~ Diane N. Charleston.



Turning Tides is committed to “Stand in the Gap” and to be that advocate to anyone who is struggling. Our moto is that there is always room for one more to be helped.  But we cannot do this alone.  We invite you to explore our different advocate programs below to see how you can give back or perhaps you are the one who is seeking help. 

Walk a Mile in my Flip Flops

Walk a mile in my flip flops is an annual event to raise awareness of natural solutions and although 10% of net proceeds are given throughout the year, this one day event gives 100% of net profits on specific items to our scholarship program.

Scholarship for Recovery Program

Turning Tides has developed the Scholarship for Recovery Program for those who are unable to partake in the products & services offered through Turning Tides nutrition & lifestyle programs due to a financial strain.

Green Box Label Project

Green Box Label Project is a twofold project. One to bring awareness of nutrient depletions in general, and the other to petition the FDA to place a “Green Box” on every pharmaceutical label informing its users of the potential depletion of vital nutrients.

Operation Veteran Safeguard

Being a military family ourselves we are fully aware of the incredible impact serving our country has on our veterans and their families. We simply could not pass on the opportunity to give back to those who serve and their families.


Berries ~ Natures Superfoods

BERRIES ~ I remember as a kid one of our neighbors had bushes of berries growing in their yard. We used to love to go pick and eat those fresh delicious super-foods right from the stem. There’s nothing as good as fresh foods picked straight from nature. I could say so...

Sunshine Vitamin – Vitamin D

Did you know vitamin D is actually not a vitamin, but a hormone?  Yep! That’s right! Vitamin D is not a vitamin or a nutrient, it is a hormone produced by the body in the skin from a photolytic reaction with ultraviolet light.  Many people who chose not to go in the...

Healing Waters!

Water – The most important nutrient in the human body It just wouldn’t seem right to me if I didn’t write one of my first blog posts on the incredible benefits of water. Water is the most abundant chemical compound (H2O) on planet earth, so there is no wonder that it...